Pclasp (@admin)
4 months ago
To my dearest Prince To my dearest Prince, This one is for you. I have loved you like I have loved no other, it is true. I have kissed you like I had never kissed before, I have said good bye to you longing to see you again, at the door. I have sung for you with all my heart and soul, I have dreamt for dancing Broadway with you along the street light pole. I have got jealous and hell lot of it when I have seen you with another girl, But then I have smiled to my self when you came back to me coz in the end I am your girl. I have held your hand like I wear wearing your wedding ring, It means so much to me coz your hand is the most beautiful thing that I could be wearing. I have spent my days with you like there is no tomorrow, I have laughed with you like in the world there is no sorrow. I have hugged you like there is no one else around, I have stuck you to as if to you I am bound. I have danced for you like I am your private doll, I have rested my head on your shoulder so strong. I have missed you like there is nothing else left, It is all because I have loved you baby coz I believe in you alone am I blessed.