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Opera Ads is powered by Opera (the number one web browser developer in the world). We are committed in helping Small & Medium Enterprises grow their business through online advertisement.

Our advertising platforms include, Opera for Android, Opera Mini, Opera News and other social media platforms (Facebook, Youtube and Goggle). We serve the needs of Small & Medium Enterprises and give them a unique opportunity to reach and engage with more than 350 million Opera Users worldwide and over 35 million active users in Nigeria.

Why choose Opera Ads
The following features make us stand out:

Powered by Tech
Opera Ads is an intelligent digital ads platform which is able to target right audiences at the lowest cost possible. We promise you the biggest return on your ads.

Leads Management

Our clients can view all the potential customers information, which will help you build a powerful customer relationship management system.

Free Visuals

Our dedicated creative team can create all the visuals that you need to achieve a better campaign result from your digital banners to your landing pages.

Professional Team

We have over 2000 staff in our office, which makes us one of the biggest marketing agencies in Nigeria. Over 10 marketing professionals will be working on your campaign. Customer Service is available for all our clients.

If you have any questions in the meantime or you wish to know how to subscribe to our digital platform, we'll send our field agents to visit you at any time convenient for you.

Please reply by sending the following information to us:

Business Name

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