Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago
The old Google Play Console will be discontinued starting Nov 2, 2020 Developer update Hello Google Play developer, We’re giving you advance notice that the old version of Google Play Console will be discontinued from November 2, 2020. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to continue to manage your apps in the new Play Console. Get familiar with the new Play Console You can start using the new Play Console today by visiting play.google.com/console or clicking “Use new Play Console” in the navigation menu in the current Play Console. If you haven’t tried the new Play Console yet, you’ll notice that it looks a bit different. The responsive design makes it easier to find and understand important features, and we’ve added areas to help you better see your release status, acquisition performance, and guidance on policy changes. Here are a few other changes you should know: • We launched Inbox, your personalized messaging area featuring helpful information, policy updates, feature recommendations, and more. • Acquisition reports have been overhauled to help you understand your performance over time. This includes discontinuing some cohort-based metrics. These will not be available in the new console. If you want to keep a record of this data please download it from the old console before November 2nd. Find out more. • User permissions are now clearer and more understandable. No users have had any of their permissions changed. • You can still link to your Google Ads account for conversion tracking and remarketing lists. However, Google Ads campaign reporting and account notifications will now be available exclusively in Google Ads. • New search functionality has been added, making it easier to find pages and features quickly. • Later this year, we will require all Play Console users to use 2-Step Verification. Find out more Learn more about the new Play Console: • Get a high-level overview of what’s new in this blog post. • Watch these short videos about the biggest changes, learn how to release with confidence, and discover how to grow your audience with the new Play Console. • Take these courses on the Academy for App Success to become an expert on the new experience. We hope you enjoy the new Play Console! Thank you, The Google Play team