Pclasp (@admin)
9 months ago
What is one Day One day, you will sleep and not be able to wake up again. One day that your favourite food will be prepared before you and you will not be able to eat it. One day that your beautiful skins will turn to it orginal nature which is sand. One day a title will be added to your name which is late Mrs or Mr. One day your name will be called and no now will answer. One day the phone you are holding in your hand, you will not be able to hold it again or press on it. One day you will be isolated to a place called grave yard. One day you will stand before the chief judge God and give Account of your life spend here on Earth. One day that money you so much love and forget about God will not save you, come to God and be saved. Finally, take life easy, for life without Jesus Christ is full of crises and remember one day will come when this write up will be fufilled. Decide now for tomorrow may be too late. God bless you.