Pclasp (@admin)
9 months ago
God, speaking through prophet Ezekiel, poses a pertinent question to the Children of Isreal in Ezekiel 33:11, "say unto them, as I live, saith the Lord God, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn, ye, from your evil ways; for why will ye die, o house of Isreal?. God is obviously asking you the same question today. Why will you die in your sins? Why will you die in sin when Jesus gave his life as a random for your soul? Why will you continue to bear the shame and reproach upon himself? In Isaiah 53:4-10 says why will you remain spiritual poor when he became poor so that you can be rich towards God? 2Corinthians 6:9 says, why will you go to he when he has already conquer hell on your behalf? Why will you be enslaved by sin when he has redeemed you with a price.? Corinthians 6:10 says why will you remain locked up in your sin when he has unlocked the chains of sin and death? Why will you be far from God when by dying he bridge the gap between you and God, giving you an open Access to Him? Ephesians 2:18 why will you permanently live in defeat when he has won for you the victory over sin, Satan and the world? 1Corinthians 15:57 why will you be a debtor to sin when he came to cancel all your bebts? Why will you remain in bondage to sin and Satan when he has already paid the price for your freedom Romans 6:18? Why will you remain in sickness when he bore so many stripes so that you will be free from sickness Peter 2:24? Why will you continue in your ruthlessness when he came to give you forgiveness Ephesians 1:7? Why will you die in sin when he has so pleasure in the death of a sinner Ezekiel 18:31-32? Why will you spend eternity in hell when he has perpare a bright and beautiful heaven of eternal rest and Bliss for you. John 14:2-3? Why are you hestitating to give Jesus the Lordship over your life? How long do you intend to continue in your rebellion against God? Are you not tired of your sins? Why will you die in those sins? Friends, don't allow the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus to be in vain in your life. Please, don't toy with your soul. Eternal is real. Judgement is sure. Surrender your life to Jesus before it is too late. Don't cross over into eternity without Him. I tell you the truth: eternity without Jesus will be dark and dreary. You don't want to have a taste of that! Accept Jesus today and escape the wrath to come! No matter how you love your life one day you will die and God! Death is inevitable that many don't want to hear about it. But one day you and I will die and God.