Pclasp (@admin)
9 months ago
I am so glad that Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me I am so glad that Jesus loves me. Yes my brother and sisters is me INNOCENT Cyril that man of good tidying. This evening am bring to you the word of courage. A word that can elevate your heart your body and your soul from your burdens of this week. My beloved how are you and how is your market, your business. I hope you are back safely at home. How is you family and friends the people you left behind when going to work this morning I hope they are all fine. There is one thing I want you to do for me right now I know your are reading this write up right now but we need to also use the opportunity to say thank you Jesus for what you have done for me today right. Now and at this moment. My deAr do you know that you are the most loved by God. Yes you are why because you being alive today is not by your making, it is by God your Creator. Many go out today but they meet their death on the way. Many has burget what they will do the next day but unfortunately they didn't see the next hour. What about you, you are at the point you are reading this wonderful message brought by the almighty God. He loves my dear and he want you to give him your live and he will keep it for you. And plan your seconds, minutes, hours, day's, weeks, months, and years for you. Just say Jesus I love you and I know you die for my sons and give your only begotten son Jesus Christ to die for my sins am sorry for my sins please forgive me. Now I have come to you wash me and cleans me. That I may know you and. Do your will through Jesus. Amen.