How to Repay Business Loan if your Business Is Incurring Losses,

1. Slash unnecessary costs to free up cash

Revisit your expenditures and ditch unnecessary ones like software subscription, expensive systems and also office space if you’re paying rent. Ramp up your outstanding payments collection efforts and sell off unused equipment or gadgets.

2. Priorities debt payments

Focus on paying off debts with higher interest rates first, such as credit card bills, followed by any secured loans. Paying off creditors etc. can free up your assets too.

3. Talk to your lender

Explain your financial situation to your lender and what measures you are taking to manage the situation at hand. Be honest and forthcoming about your issues.

4. Loan restructuring

By doing this, your EMIs will come down, and it will be easier for you to manage your monthly payments.

5. Loan rescheduling

The tenure can be extended by lowering the interest or adding more number of instalments to reduce the monthly EMI amount.

6. Refinance

Refinancing is a good option to repay business loans if the debt is costing you a lot in terms of interest payments, or if you feel it’s risky to continue, or you have multiple small debts.

Remember: The lender can resort to legal actions or exercise recovery measures to get back the money. It is best to work with the borrower to arrive at an amicable situation, which serves the interest of both parties.

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