4 months ago
Top 10 list of social media network site.
A number that's been trending recently is the rising popularity for using Instagram to promote projects and personal messages, with a growing following gaining over 30,000 likes on this popular video sharing app last week alone! The results from these surveys have had an impact everywhere: in Australia, Singapore where we're doing so much online research based out of my apartment (which has now surpassed 100 people), India as well. When you consider all such networks together there are more than 840 million global users who use them annually including most mobile platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter & Pinterest making it one very powerful tool when promoting yourself or your project/project ide

Top 10 list of social media network site traffic in North America based on 2014 Total Day Traffic.
The top 50 sites have been ranked by their Top Daily Unique Visitors since the beginning and average monthly pageviews for each website are shown below:

 #1 - Social.com (11,637)
#2- Reddit Postcards (4 582 ) (#3 – #10): Twitter (@Twitter), Facebook/Facebook's own blog & Pinterest, etc
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