Sep 18th 2020, 5:15 pm
We’ve been exposed!
This seems to be happening a lot recently. One of our customers posted a video on their pclasp channel. They revealed all the details about buying with us. And, they compared that experience to buying with one of our competitors. Here's what she said.

Jack and the beanstalk. You could, I guess, say it teaches that a belief in your own ‘entrepreneurial moves’, despite what others say, is what it takes for immense wealth creation. So, what are the ‘magic beans’ in selling your business?

Actually, while we’re on that, there’s something I wanted to bring up. Sellers sometimes can’t sell their business. They’re just not able to do it. Why is that? Hint: It’s to do with how they do their valuation.

Building a brand ambassador army - sounds kinda cool. Your customers sell your products/services by generating content for you - is kinda cool. Crew Fire founder Alan VanToAi talks about how it’s done on the DTC Podcast. Oh, and btw, they have a newsletter where they unmask the biggest brands and campaigns. Super interesting stuff.

It’s all below.