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A video interview is a virtual hiring platform for employers to review and score the candidate's qualification, personality, and soft skills while interviewing remotely.

It's an automated interviewing tool that allows recruiters to screen a lot of candidates at the same time and help them shortlist the most deserving talent for the role based on job descriptions.

Video recruiting software (https://www.jobma.com/) helps recruiters conduct hiring remotely without compromising the quality of hire and improves the recruitment ability of your talent acquisition team.

Pre-recorded Video Interview (https://www.jobma.com/pre-recorded-interview-help)

Pre-recorded video interview helps recruiters to escape from one-by-one telephonic interviews and ends their obligation to participate in a real-time interview. This feature makes hiring fast, automated and reduces expenses on travel. Using one-way video interviews, the candidates can record themselves answering the interview questions from anywhere and whenever they want. In this process, the real-time presence of interviewers doesn't require.
In a one-way video interview, you have the option to customize the interview parameters such as think time (the amount of time taken by a candidate to think about the answer before recording it), the number of attempts (the recruiters can fix the maximum number of attempts for a candidate to answer a question), Answer length (the maximum time taken by a candidate to record the video answer). Besides, an interviewer can also insert intro and closer videos to improve employers' branding and make their visibility vibrant among the global candidates participating in the interview process.

What are the features of a pre-recorded video interview?

 You can connect to the global talent pool, interact with them and select the most suitable among them for a higher stage of interviews automatically and remotely, using a one-way video interview.

 Pre-recorded interviewing saves you from the time-taking telephonic screening of the candidates and reduces expenses on travel and stay.

 With the help of an on-demand video interview, you can conduct hiring sitting at home, crossing geographical constraints, and enrich your workforce with global talent.

 Using a video screening tool, you can easily foster better collaboration between recruiters and the hiring managers and improve your quality of hire.

Live Video Interview

A real-time video interaction between the interviewer and the candidates via webcam, laptop, or mobile on a virtual platform is called Live Video Interview. It enables recruiters to interview the candidates live in the virtual presence and ask a counter-question like in-person interviews. The purpose of live video interviews is to connect with the worldwide talent pool on a virtual platform and in real-time to scan them and analyze whether a candidate is the best fit for the job or not. Live video interviews are the best option to eliminate face-to-face interviews and provide safeguard to your talent acquisition team and applicants from corona when hiring.

It is specifically designed to make your hiring fast and remote-based without compromising the quality of hire. Hence, live video interviewing software like Jobma cannot be misunderstood by video chat or video conferencing apps.

Why should businesses use live video interviews?

 A live video interview provides a feel of an in-person interview where recruiters have the liberty to ask counter questions. Surprise the candidates by putting them in hypothetical and unexpected circumstances and analyze their ability to deal with uncertainty. It gives a more comprehensive overview of a candidate compared to a pre-recorded video interview.

 Especially in the high-rank jobs when candidates are participating from across the world use of live video interviews lets the hiring managers scan the candidates in detail before calling them in for the interviews and reduces expenses on travel and stay.

 It's a two-way mode of communication and brings more objectivity in the interview without wasting time and money.

Jobma live and pre-recorded video interview(https://www.jobma.com/video-interview) offers you cutting-edge interviewing features in a highly affordable rate and suable for all sizes of businesses.

Want to transform your talent acquisition department into a tech-savvy recruiting team? If yes, Jobma is a perfect digital solution for you. It is easy to use and build to improve your interviewing experience. To know more about pre-recorded and live video interviews, visit the blogs and FAQs section of Jobma or request a free demo(https://www.jobma.com/request-demo).

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