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The mobile game app development market is booming at a fast pace after lockdown. According to the reports, there will be 5 million mobile gamers by 2025 over the world. Mobile games are thoroughly downloaded and these are available at app stores, hence developing a mobile game app will provide a long-term revenue generation opportunity to Fantasy sports app development company, in the present scenario. 

The emerging technologies, i.e. virtual reality, augmented reality, facial recognition, gesture controls, voice recognition, and wearable gaming, etc. will bring revolutionary changes in the field of mobile games. Earlier, gamers who were bound to play the game only at a specific platform, but now they can access for multiple platforms. All this has possible with cross-platforms for mobile app development. Another factor, that is used by developers is- game engine selected for the process. 

Well, there are several other factors Fantasy Sports App Development company considers in order to analyze the cost of a mobile game app. Therefore, it is crucial to know about the trending techniques and factors if you’re a fantasy sports app development company to estimate the cost of a mobile game app. 

Factors That Affects the Cost of Mobile Game App Development 

Game Story, Plot, and Characters – Stories play a vital role in every game app. If you want to engage players for a long time in the game, you need to create an attractive plot and character. It encompasses designing the personality, dialect, and tone of characters as well as their interaction with players.
All this requires proper communication between game ideators and corporate strategists. Hence, it is a good idea to hire a fantasy sports app development company that has experience in the same would charge according to your budget. 

Design – The mobile game design is a multi-layer process where the game levels, gameplay, target audiences, and game environment are planned. Hence, the designing phase is crucial that should be done carefully because without a proper designing plan your app may create many bugs and glitches. 

You should include professionals in the entire designing and development cycle, such as – UX and UI designers, architectures, game artists, etc. On the basis of skills, capabilities, and experiences, these professionals charge. 
Mobile operating system – It is quite difficult to choose between Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry. The mobile operating platform you will choose heavily affects the entire development process.

For instance – payment integration and administration systems of iOS devices are 10 – 20% costlier in comparison to Android devices. Besides this, the android app development cost will be quite higher if you want to build the app with older versions. Furthermore, if you opt for a hybrid model than then you might face cost disadvantages on both of the platforms. Although, it makes sense to choose a hybrid model for mobile game app development because the increased cost will also bring higher revenues and wider market share.  

Game categories and Genres – Once you are done with the above-mentioned stages, the next step is o start developing your game app which is most crucial and expensive. The cost of a mobile game app largely relies upon whether you are developing a casual game app, simulation app, or social gaming app. On the basis of their complexities gaming apps are classified into various categories, like – 
Mini-games – These are simple solitary games that don’t require specific skills to play. Simple or mini-games like - Ping Pong can cost over $20000, although if you want to add on some features like graphics or you are looking for more from your gaming all, you might require to alter your budget up to $50000. 

Casual 2D games – These are small budget games that include basic 2D graphics and soundtrack. Even though, they have simple graphics but offer an efficient user-engagement rate and opportunity to scale up. It may cost up to $5000- to $100000, you can consult with a reputed fantasy sports app development company as it depends on the type of games, 

Social games – Such games are played by multiple users on social media sites. The social gaming apps are as same as browser games and access limited data. Moreover, social games are built with SDKs, provided by social media platforms. The cost of a social media mobile game app would be $100000 to $250000. 
Mid-level games – These game apps involve various levels, characters, and effective graphics. The variety and content depth improvise the replayability and occupy players for a long time, the cost of mid-level games might be $70000 and more. 

Business game applications – In the present scenario, businesses are taking advantage to enhance their team-building efforts. To do so, companies are using mobile games as a tool to increase communication, encourage creativity, and develop a friendly organizational culture. In order to build up such apps, you need to hire a fantasy sports app development company with proven experience. The cost of business game apps would be $250000 to 550000. 

High-level games – These game applications require a proper budget, but if you target the right audience, you can earn great rewards. High-level games require careful designing, comprehensive plan, and strategy. Sometimes, it takes more than a year to completely develop and launch such apps. Hence, the cost may automatically high of these apps, it might be around $400000 to $1000000. 

Game App testing – In the process of game app development, testing is an important phase. Gamers have no tolerance to face bugs in the game. Nobody likes slow and buggy games, therefore it is important for you to ensure that the game app runs properly without any hazels and even also provides great user-experience. Hire a <fantasy sports app development company that also offers testing services, however, its cost puts an impact on your budget. So, just keep that testing in mind while deciding the project budget. 

Marketing of your game app – AT this stage, you’ve successfully developed your game app. It doesn’t mean you will hit the market, it requires some marketing efforts to make the app viral among people. Nowadays, online marketing is in trend, you can do the same. Marketing methods like- social media marketing, email marketing, PPC, etc. will also increase your budget. 

Wrapping Up!!! 
With the help of these above-given factors you can decide your budget to develop a mobile game app. but before deciding anything, discuss with a professional who can give you advice on the same. Moreover, your research will help you to know which game app will make you earn higher and generate revenues. 

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