Pclasp (@admin)
22 days ago

Limited Login Expanded Functionality

We recently announced the expansion of Limited Login functionality to include the user_friends, user_birthday and user_age_range permissions, which are currently in beta. Limited Login is based on the OpenID Connect Standard. When using this limited version of Facebook Login, the fact that a person used Facebook Login with this iOS app will not be used to personalize or measure advertising effectiveness.

With Limited Login, developers receive data at a point in time (when the user provides consent with FB Login), which means developers will not be able to continuously refresh user data by calling FB APIs with an access token. This new method has minimal impact with data that changes infrequently or not at all, such as user_birthday and user_email.

To implement the current version of Limited Login with support for user_friends, user_birthday and user_age_range, update your Facebook iOS SDK to version 9.2+ or Facebook SDK for Unity to version 9.1+. The prior version of Limited Login which only supports name, profile pic and email is available on version 9.0+.