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2 months ago

There are a number of headquarters and business centers where companies can do their work. Unlike many other free zones, Ajman Media City does not impose restrictions on the types of activities that can be carried out under its contracts. Most activities relate to the media and advertising (IT) segment. The most eye-catching activities include social media influencers, courier services, legal activities, temporary work and agency work. The Free Zone Act allows a total of 5 activities (1 per license) and they do not have to be related to each other to qualify.

If you want to start a business in Ajman for the establishment of business, the <a href="ajman">">ajman media city free zone</a> has options to meet your requirements. It has a strong specialization in industrial activities, and you can choose between areas for industrial investment, office facilities for executives, smart offices, and warehouses in the city. The city is operated by the Ajman Free Zone Authority and is also home to the port of Ajman, making it an excellent choice for companies engaged in import and export.

Ajman is one of the fastest-growing cities in the UAE. It is also known as the industrial center of the country. The Ajman Media City Free Zone offers companies an easy way to establish themselves. It allows multiactivity with only one license. Ajman has huge potential for factories and industries in the region.

Seek advice from Emirabiz Business Setup Consultants Dubai to see if your activity is available. Ajman Media City Free Zone allows 5 business activities in one license. It is important to note that only one of these activities is media-related. Some activities are not similar.

Print your colored electronic entry visa with the stamp "Change of status: you must enter and leave." Day 28: Go to Ajman Preventative Medicine in Ajman to have your Emirates ID processed according to your medical test. Day 30: Collect the medical test results of Ajman Preventative Medicine and hand them over along with your passport, complete with signed and stamped original employment contract, Emirati identity card, a receipt for entry visa, change of status stamp, health insurance certificate, signed health insurance letter and entry stamp. Day 32: Passport, immigration stamp, and residence visa. Scan a copy of the residence visa sent to you by e-mail.

The UAE Free Zone Business Setup experts from Europe and the Emirates Group will guide you through the entire process. We will ensure that your business start-up procedures comply with the requirements of the Government of Ajman before applying for a visa based on your application in the UAE Free Zones.

There are a total of 45 free zones in the United Arab Emirates, of which 30 are in Dubai. Another ten zones are under construction nationwide. The UAE Free Trade Area was an important economic factor in 2017, with exports from the UAE Free Trade Area (DHS 2.255 billion in 2017) accounting for 19.5% of total exports.

Regardless of the size of your company or start-up, the Ajman Free Zone is open to everyone. The hassle-free registration process means that you can obtain a business license within days, making it a good choice for starting a start-up. All you have to do is visit Ajman, submit your documents and business plan within two working days and you will be ready to start.