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2 months ago

Every day riding a motorcycle or long-distance riding without the habit of wearing gloves, due to the phenomenon of continuous grasping and braking, will make our palms feel sore in the area between the fingers, and even calluses will appear over time. Wearing motorcycle gloves will not only reduce In addition to fatigue and hand pain, it can also play a protective role in the event of an accident.

For people who often use motorcycles, gloves are regarded as a necessity for safety equipment. It not only has beautiful functions but also can prevent injuries caused by accidents. In addition, wearing motorcycle riding gloves can keep you warm. In summer, it can also help block ultraviolet rays from the sun, avoiding the embarrassing situation where the back of the arms and hands are not a color.

When choosing to buy motorcycle gloves, many people will first choose their favorite colors, patterns, and glove styles. If the requirements are not met, of course, we will not choose to buy them.

But when we get the color we like, we should consider whether the selected gloves are suitable for our use. According to the general classification, there are two basic types of motorcycle gloves, including short gloves and long gloves.

Short gloves include 2 types:

Cloth gloves have good heat dissipation, suitable for driving in the city, suitable for small displacement vehicles or off-road vehicles.
You can use short leather motorcycle gloves for driving or short trips in the city, including leather gloves and artificial leather gloves.

Long motorcycle glove

The long type of motorcycle gloves are suitable for long-distance travel or use on the track, because it helps protect your safety and prevents sunlight from irradiating ultraviolet rays. Although many people think that the weather is too hot to wear gloves, but safety does not depend on the seasons, and collisions occur at high speeds. A pair of reliable motorcycle riding gloves hands is very useful for protecting hands.

After deciding the type of gloves, a very important thing to buy gloves is the size. The size that fits your hands will maximize the protection of the gloves. If it is too large, it will reduce the protection function, and if it is too small, it will make the hands feel uncomfortable.

Another point is to pay attention to the functionality of the motorcycle gloves, such as drop resistance, waterproof, breathable, mobile phone touch function, wiper function, material, etc. It does not mean that you can wear simple motorcycle gloves for daily bike riding, so it is completely based on your own Need to choose, of course, what you pay for is too cheap products can basically not play a protective role