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Tim Adam (@simplyviagra)
Feb 16th 2021, 10:44 am

Well, thousand and millions of men do end up having Impotence or erection and this makes it really difficult for men to enjoy the sexual sessions. Well, there are millions of men who end up landing in such a problem, but treating this disorder becomes mandatory. Men with Impotence need to look into that they do choose the right remedies that help them get the disorder treated well. Men having impotence are always first recommended to buy Generic Viagra.

How does Generic Viagra differ from branded Viagra?
If you know well about this medicament then you must be aware that most of the anti-impotent remedy contains sildenafil citrate as an active element. Yes, though this is the active element, there are the various manufacturers who produces different forms of this remedy and helps men get them handy. Generic Viagra and sildenafil are the same, what makes them different is the inactive elements in the medicaments.

How is this anti-impotent remedy used?
Generic Viagra is an effective remedy and is known due to its nature of helping. Men guided to use this little blue pull need to know this remedy works only if you consume it an hour before you indulge in sexual intimacy. Also, the doses and the consumption process matters due to which men need to be a bit careful

The consumption is to be done with a glass of water and helps men to get the disorder well treated. This remedy works well if consumed on an empty stomach. Well, men do consume it with a meal, but the meal shouldn’t contain any fatty acids or fats.

Usually, men are guided to use this Sildenafil citrate tablet is recommended, but the doses should be taken care of properly. Men those who have a mild issue with erection can simply choose to use 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg doses that help to treat the disorder. If you’re using these doses on regular basis then you need to look into that you do seek medical help from the health care provider.

Other available remedies
Men having Impotence need to look into that they’re aware of the options such as:
Oral meds
• Vardenafil
• Sildenafil citrate
• Tadalafil

Surgery and injection
Yes, surgery and injections are suggested if the case is severe. Penile implants and penile injections are the options that can be chosen and you can consider them once you have a talk with your health care provider.
Penis pumps
There are some of treatments for ED and the options such as vacuum erection devices can be chosen. This works amazingly and helps to improve the blood flow in the penis and helps men to have an erection.

How does Generic Viagra work to improve the functions of Impotence?
Men recommended ordering Generic Viagra need to look into that they do know about the mechanism of the tablet. Generic Viagra releases nitric oxide in the body and these chemicals help to stimulate the cGMP enzymes in the body. The cGMP enzymes in the body help to improve the blood flow in the body due to which having an erection in the body is possible.

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