Amit Kumar (@wallmantra)
4 months ago

Antiques, besides looking great, reflect the past. People, antique lovers, like collecting old items to expose their love for the past things and converse with other people that they own very valuable things. Choosing the right Valentine’s Day gift for such a person in your life is really a tough job for you. This job can be a little comfortable or easier if you know what item actually he/she likes. Here are some ideas that you can like for the antique lovers in your life:

  1. An Antique Handbook
    Do you have a lack of idea on what an antique lover in your life loves? Opt for presenting Miller’s Antiques Handbook and Price Guide. Your gift recipient will use it as a reference book whenever he/she would want to buy something related to the past. It will be useful for antique lovers, as it consists of brief information on around 8000 old treasures. Further, it contains the current price and latest trends with detailed information of distinctive items. Visit here:

  2. A Set of Vintage Clocks
    You can decide to buy and present a set of vintage clocks if you come to know that the antique lover likes collecting handcrafted wooden clocks. For such a person in your life, you can purchase wooden clocks of several different designs of the past. Visit here:

  3. Bar Accessories
    Does the antique lover in your life own a home bar? If yes, buy and present a few antique bar accessories as a valentine Day gift to him/her. A stylish home bar can assist you expose your merchandise. With a sterling silver cocktail and a glass, you could be able to draw the attention of your party guests. They will be shocked to have a look at a mid-century ice flask or sterling silver flask.

  4. American Pickers Guide to Picking
    Buy and present this book to an antique lover in your life if you really wish to assist him/her in his/her collection of incredible old items. Must think of presenting it to the one who hasn’t watched American Pickers on History channel. It works as a practical and fun guide and helps antique lovers to have a leg up in finding the things of the past and negotiating the prices for the same. Further, it offers tips & tricks on how to protect the collection of old items.

  5. Antique Picture Frames
    Does the antique lover in your life love to expose his/her memories to the persons who come to see him/her? Buy and present a set of stylish and antique picture frames to him/her. With such a gift, you will help the antique lover to simplify the beauty of the collected old photos and disclose his/her memories well. While searching such a set, you can come across enormous options in terms of materials and details.

  6. A Membership of a Local Antique Club
    No gift could be a better gift than a membership of a local antique club when you have no idea what you should present to an antique lover. This membership will allow him/her to visit the club as per his/her wish and purchase the vintage items of his/her choice.

  7. Edison Bulbs
    All of us know that Thoma Alva Edison invented an electric bulb. With technical advancements and time, bulbs have seen several changes and are highly energy efficient in today’s world. In the current age, you can come across many people who love the old electric bulb. You can purchase and present Edison Bulbs if you come to know that the antique lover’s abode contains a vintage flare. Suitable for any conventional lighting sockets, these bulbs have a life of more than 2000 hours. You can buy them with a satisfactory guarantee.

  8. Miller’s Antiques Encyclopedia
    Is the antique lover of your life interested in knowing the arts and crafts of the past time? Shop and produce Judith Miller’s Antiques Encyclopedia as a gift this Valentine’s Day. With 592 pages, it works as a reference book for art lovers. It contains rich information on every category of decorative arts. From a local book store or an online store, you can buy this book of the latest edition.

  9. Sealing Wax Set
    People used a stamp and melted wax before the advancement of envelopes with pasting capability. You can make the antique lover remind the use of this tradition by presenting a Sealing Wax Set. It comes with a stamp, along with 6 interchangeable seals for several occasions - from a royal crown to a heart shape. Further, it is available with a very cute box.

An antique item is more valuable than its cost for an antique lover. With such a gift, you can force him/her to think how much you care about his/her interests in the things of the past. By presenting such an item, you can make a place in his/her heart and assist in expanding his/her antique collection.