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4 months ago

Some want to gain muscle mass, those who want to gain weight, or those who try to run 10km in less than 40 minutes: not everyone trains to lose weight.
Whatever the goal, the only thing that matters is feeling good in your body, active, and motivated to start each day with energy.


Exercising and eating a balanced diet are important pillars of a healthy lifestyle, but it's not just a matter of aesthetics. The effects of training and a healthy diet are reflected in all areas of our lives and give us more confidence in all areas of our life, whether it concerns work or our sphere.
Mary Austin, Ph.D., offers to counsel her patients in the form of a "walk and talk" (a method of the American Psychological Association ) that is, speaking while walking. Dr. Mary believes that movement, especially walking, helps people open up, recognize problems, and solve them.
The important thing is to start
The various researches have shown that it does not matter the distance or the speed of the runs, how long a workout lasts, how many kgs you can lift, or how many push-ups in a row you do. It is finishing a workout that gives that sense of satisfaction.
In the KissAnime Fitness Channel, we spoke to Aria Dussault (fitness expert) about the importance of body image and fitness and how important it is to evaluate your body not just by a number on the scale or by appearance.
For her, giving birth to her child was proof that a woman's body can do more than just train. Now her motivation for wanting to keep fit has changed: instead of having well-sculpted abs, Aria keeps fit for her son.
It is important to focus on "why" you want to keep fit and the goal must be linked more to the emotional sphere than to the physical one.
All this does not mean that losing weight and burning fat is not a valid reason to train.
To feel comfortable in your body, train regularly and make fitness a lifestyle, there needs to be a strong motivation, not just a number on the scale.
“Train because you love your body, not because you hate it”.