Arslan javed (@bamsibyrek)
4 months ago

You know what they say, in order to get the best gaming experience, you need to have a good monitor. A display surely makes or breaks your gaming experience. If you are a gaming freak, then you must have a great gaming monitor in your gaming dungeon, to enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest. Still thinking which one to buy for yourself? Well, have no-fear because we are going to review the best gaming monitor for gamers. So, let’s not waste any more time and just get right to it.

Lenovo ThinkVision P24q-20 is without a doubt, best 23-inch gaming monitor for everyone. It gives you the best gaming experience every single time. Whether it is performance, style, or durability, this great gaming monitor never fails to give the best results. Let’s see what this monitor is all about.

ThinkVision P24q-20 has the wide screen of 23.8 inch, which gives you the resolution of 2560x1440 pixels and the aspect ratio of 16:9. The near edgeless body gives you more screen to body ratio, so you can enjoy the larger-than-life gaming. The characters in your game will seem to come alive, and you will be able to see even the smallest details in your game on its wide screen.

The colours you see on this gaming monitor are absolutely incredible. Every single colour is vivid and sharp. Lenovo ThinkVision P24q-20 has a brightness of 300cd/m2, which helps it to produce super-bright images for you to enjoy. It simply means you can clearly see the images or videos on your monitor, even when the room is well-lit. The factory colour calibration ensures you get the cutting edge colours on your screen. The darks are so deep that you will get lost in them, whereas the bright colours are absolutely smooth.

This gaming monitor by Lenovo, makes sure you get the smoothest fast-paced gameplay every single time. The response time of 4ms, gives you the smoothest gameplay without any of those pesky lags or motion blur. Playing high-end and fast-paced E sports games will never be the same again. Playing Resident Evil games is surely a treat on this great gaming monitor. Exploring new areas in your open world games is real fun and exciting with the crisp display.

With HDMI input and DisplayPort, you can connect all your devices with this monitor. Connecting your gaming computer or gaming console to a monitor has never been this easy. It also has Daisy-chaining, which allows you to connect another monitor with it, to take your gaming experience to a whole new level. It is also a best fit for collaborative working and multimedia development.

With the tilt, swivel, and pivot functions, you can set the display to any angle you please, for your comfortable viewings. You can easily set the screen to your perfect view-angle, to enjoy long hours of gaming sessions. You can also adjust the height of this majestic monitor to your eye level or anywhere you like, which will help you enjoy your viewing pleasures, without putting too much strain on your neck or back.

This was the review of surely the best 23-inch gaming monitor. It gives you power, performance, durability, and connectivity. What more could a gamer want? So, take your gaming experience to the new heights, and get this gaming monitor only at, or choose from a wide range of best gaming monitors.