Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Natural Vision Improvement is considered by some to be an alternative treatment for some kinds of vision problems. This process can be considered more of a way of exercising your sight rather than as an actual treatment. While some criticize Natural Vision Improvement there are others who swear that the system really works.

Day to day stress on our eyes can cause us to have some vision problems. Natural Vision Improvement is designed to undo the damage that is caused through our daily routines. Dr. William Bates suggests that we have bad habits that need to be addressed in order to improve our eyesight. People adopting this approach actually re-learn how to see.

Visual training is the key to good eyesight according to Natural Vision Improvement. If you notice that your eyesight is going downhill and that your prescriptions are getting stronger and stronger you might be a candidate for Natural Vision Improvement. Ironically, your glasses can be part of the reason for your declining eyesight.

When we use corrective lenses to help our eyesight we are actually becoming dependant on the artificial lens. Natural Vision Improvement seeks to gradually loosen the dependency on artificial lenses and rely instead on our own eyes. This provides a great opportunity for you to speak with your optometrist.

Your optometrist will work with you if the Natural Vision Improvement process is right for your specific needs. The gradual process of replacing lenses with independent eyesight requires you to use the weakest lens prescription that you can. This helps you exercise the muscles in your eyes. As you train your eyes to see better, the prescription should become weaker and weaker until you are fully independent.

It is very important to remember that you must wear your corrective lenses when you are engaged in certain activities where safety is a concern. The Natural Vision Improvement method does not prompt people to completely drop their eyeglass prescriptions to strengthen their eyes. The process is very gradual and you will be required to wear your glasses when driving or operating heavy machinery.

The process of relaxing and retraining the muscles in your eyes is effective in many cases. However, some do not benefit from the Natural Vision Improvement method. The best approach is to research the subject further and consult your physician. You might find that you will not rely so heavily on your prescription lenses in the future.