Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

All of us want a certain look. We crave a specific face, hair color, or physique. This is only natural considering what we're taught. Images are shown to us early on, which depict what is attractive and what isn't. Some of this is learned and some is natural. As we all know, a muscular man is preferred over a fat man. One represents strength and protection, while the other symbolizes a failure to exercise and diet properly. This is why virtually all men crave a ripped body. They want that physique they see in fashion magazines or "Men's Health." It's only natural. Now, are you one of the guys who go after it, or are you still scarfing down cheese burgers? Fast food is not part of a muscle building diet!

It's a bit funny, but the definition of a muscle building diet changes over the years. I can recall back in high school when my brother and I were chugging Mega Mass calorie shakes and lifting weights. The goal was to pack on pounds of muscle. I guess it worked a little. However, these days this is not so much the recommended routine. Sure, you need plenty of calories, but not from sugar. And let's face it, those old calorie shakes were loaded with sugars. Now you can purchase simple protein shakes. In fact, this is what's commonly recommended. Whey protein offers great benefits, but without all the nasty sugar. A decent muscle building diet now consists of vegetables, fruits, water, and plenty of lean meat. What is lean meat? It's fish, chicken breast, and oodles of tuna if you prefer. This is the most common muscle building diet I know. These are your keys to a ripped body. Oh, and of course the proper weight lifting routines. Without those, you'll get nowhere.

So what about all the supplements? Hey, some supplements are great, while others are iffy. Whey protein is the way to go. Multivitamins are essential, and should certainly be taken regularly if you're striving to pack on the muscular pounds. Then there is creatine. Some weight lifters feel this supplement is imperative in a muscle building diet now days. However, they never used to have it, and clearly guys got big. Check out some of Arnold's old pics.