Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Mouse Trap

I remember a mouse name Knobel quite well, even though he was only in my life for a matter of minutes. He was very tiny and was pure white. He was so cute and I could hardly contain my excitement when I first saw him. I first saw him in my dad’s mouse trap and I was excited when my dad told me that I could keep him as a pet if I wanted to. We had to go out and buy all the stuff, but he was willing to do that for me.

That is one of the great things about my dad. I also appreciate that his mouse trap was the live kind. There was no snapping jaw of death. No poor mouse trapped and dead found in the house anywhere. Knobel had been in my dad’s kitchen for quite a while, but he had decided that perhaps the cereal cupboard was not the best place for a mouse. He got a humane mouse trap to get Knobel out of the cupboard. He must not have hated the little bugger too much or he never would have allowed me to keep him as a pet.

My dad took the mouse trap out on the porch and tried to decide how to get him out. We were going to keep him in a small container that offered plenty of air until we could get home with a cage and everything else the little guy would need to live comfortably upstairs in my room. My dad wanted to return the mouse trap to the friend he borrowed it from, so we needed an alternative until we could get home from the pet store.

That is perhaps the reason why Knobel only stayed with us for a few minutes. My dad tried his best, but somewhere between him getting the mouse trap open and getting the little critter into the temporary home, he got out and headed for the field behind our house. Though I was sad that he wouldn’t be staying with us, I was happy that my dad chose to use a humane mouse trap and that he was free to live out his life. In the end it was probably for the best that he didn’t stay, but I’ll never forget his furry little face. Perhaps some furry little faces are better off just being a memory to me. I’m sure he’s gone by now, but I’m glad my dad decided his life was worth the effort.