Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

I always love having calendars that reflect my passions. I have many passions, so this gives me great variety in my calendars! This year, I have opted for a motorcycle calendar. A lot of my friends think it is tacky. Motorcycle calendars are really only one step from swimsuit calendars in their opinions. I guess they really just don't understand motor cycles.

For me, custom-built Harley Davidson motorcycles are the highest form of art. Motorcycle calendars, whether they show Harleys, Indians, Vincents, or other brands of motorcycles, are there to exhibit a great combination of artistry and craftsmanship. To understand why a motorcycle calendar is so beautiful, you have to get past the physical reality of the motorcycle. If you think about it as the noisy, fast, gas burning machine that it is, you'll never get it. When you look at motorcycle calendars, you have to think of them as abstract art.

Only then will you be able to see the beauty of the lines of each and every motorcycle. Motorcycle calendars are not made by dummies. They are not even, for the most part, photographed by the people who make motorcycles. They are made by professional artists who have appreciation for the artistry of the motorcycle. Motorcycle calendars are vastly superior to car calendars, because motorcycles are much more beautiful than cars. In a motorcycle, every line means something. You can see the exhaust system, the engine, the wheels, and the frame. A motorcycle is a minimalist masterpiece. Every flowing line is necessary. A car is just a big hunk of steel.

Of course, not all motorcycle calendars are the same. Some of them really do cater to low class tastes. A lot of motorcycle calendars feature buxom girls lustily posed on the back of motorcycles. These motorcycle calendars do not exist for the aesthetic appreciation of the motorcycle. They do not even exist for the aesthetic appreciation of the women. They exist as trophies to fuel the unrealistic fantasies of trashy males. This is not the kind of motorcycle calander that inspire my passion. I seek a higher, purer calendar of motorcycles. I look for the motorcycle calendars that are geared towards true fans. They will show some of the most classic motorcycles modified by some of the best shops in the world. The bikes will be lit just right, and displayed in all their glory. That, for me, is a beautiful work of art.