Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

I'll be willing to bet that you use your computer on a daily basis. Chances are you use contemporary software quite frequently. I certainly know that I do. I would have to say that I take advantage of Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003 about five days a week. My wife also uses this standard software, day-in and day-out. It applies to business and fun. I think that's a misconception for many. I realize that most software of this sort is applied to presentations, papers, essays, graphs and work related matters, but it's also entertaining. I for one, write stories using Microsoft Word all the time. What do you use your high-tech software to accomplish? More importantly, how does it aid you daily?

I am one of those people who cannot do without my computer. I use it every single day of the week. Of course I steer clear of work on the weekends, but I still enjoy surfing the web and writing for pleasure. This is where my Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003 comes into play. I take full advantage of Microsoft Word during the work-week, because it helps me with grammatical issues and spell-checking. Then when the weekend arrives, I use this same software for writing short stories. Horror stories to be more exact. These days it's all about the Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003 software. The whole pen and paper deal is for the birds. I couldn't help but laugh at a buddy of mine when he asked me about screenwriting. He's well aware that I do this for pleasure, but he didn't know that I did it on a notebook computer. When he saw me punching away at my Mac G4 IBook, he asked why I chose to do it this way. I looked at him with a puzzling frown and said "Why wouldn't I?" He apparently thought that writers were supposed to lounge in coffee shops with a pen and tablet. What century is this guy living in? These days we have Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003 and Final Draft software. Only a fool would write a script by hand.

So, what are the chances you're using Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003 software this very moment? Am I onto something here? If you're sitting in a cubicle, I might be dead-on. Either way, you're surely going to use it soon. Heck, we can't live without it any more.