Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

For a successful meditation practice, everything must be perfect. The layout of the room must be set up in such a way as to encourage a peaceful and serene mind state. The time of day must be right, so that the distractions of the world do not interfere with the meditation. The mindset that you go into when you start using your meditation techniques must be right, or else the whole practice is lost. And most of all, the posture must be right. If you do not sit in the right position, with the back erect but relaxed, the eyes gently closed, the muscles of the face loose, and the hands folded, you will never get the maximum benefit from your meditation practice.

This is why using a meditation cushion can be so useful. The meditation pillow keeps the back in the right position. It quietly elevates you into a higher seated position, making it easier to keep your back straight. Although many people prefer to practice without using a meditation pillow, I have always found that it makes things much easier. You can sit on the floor and meditate, but using a meditation pillow is more comfortable. The comfort leads to better and deeper meditation. Best of all, meditation pillows provide a way for novices to keep the correct posture, something that is very difficult to learn without this aid.

Of course, if you are living in a limited space, a meditation pillow can also serve as furniture. Although many people prefer to use a simple, unadorned meditation mat, these tend to be drab and dull looking. My meditation pillow, by contrast, is decorated in colorful Japanese characters, outlined in pictures of falling autumn leaves. It provides a tasteful and attractive place for my guests to sit, as well as a comfortable support for my morning meditations. And when I do not need it, my meditation pillow can be easily tucked out of the way into some corner other.

Once you have your meditation pillow, you can begin to decorate your meditation room. Meditation gongs, as well as Buddha statues to contemplate, will help give your room the right feel. I also think that incense can add a nice touch to the atmosphere. Burning incense can provide a queue for your mind that it is time to let go of the troubles of the day and begin your practice. This can be a great aid in getting you in the right mood to meditate. When I'm sitting on my meditation pillow before a statue of the Buddha, all of my cares seem to slip away.