Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Superstitions are things that many people seem to have. We may not always reveal them, because of embarrassment or belief that others won’t understand, but we take them seriously. Whether it’s a lucky rabbit foot or knocking on wood, they help us feel better. One way to bring more luck into your life, that doesn’t involve superstitions, is with a lucky bamboo plant. Not only is it said to bring the owner good karma, it adds a decorative accent to the room as well.

Chinese tradition claims that purchasing one yourself and placing it in your home isn’t going to have the same positive effects that it would had someone given it to you. That’s why it a nice idea to give someone a lucky bamboo plant and then explain the idea behind it. They may feel compelled to do the same thing, the next time they are dropping by your place.

For years I’ve given them as housewarming gifts. Normally they come with a small card that explains their significance as well as a list of tips for caring for the lucky bamboo plant. Because it is supposed to bring health to the owners as well as happiness; prosperity is said to be part of the plant’s mystic powers. Even if you don’t believe that a plant can bring good things to your life you’ll be charmed by its beauty.

Caring for them is relatively easy as with most plants. Remembering to water it and to allow it to soak up some direct sunlight each day is important. If you feel it’s growing beyond the pot it’s in you should consider replanting it to something bigger.

Some people lack a green thumb and for them artificial plants seem to be the answer. They do look lovely when placed in the corner of a room or an office, but they aren’t considered to be a lucky bamboo plant if they aren’t real. If you want to bypass the mystical powers of this plant, by all means purchase an artificial one as it is clearly the easiest to care for.

It’s interesting to note that the plant loses some of its mystic powers unless it is placed in a certain pot in a certain way. The pot the lucky bamboo plant is in should have some red on it. There should also be a piece of metal placed near the base of the plant. If you purchase one at a flower shop they almost always come this way. Regardless of whether or not it truly does hold the magic power it claims to, having plants around is a wonderful way to add some color and character to your home.