Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Is it really time for another diet? This process seems to go on and on. And the sad part is that so many individuals resorting to new-age diets, don't even drop the weight. Speaking of which, how is your current diet going? Is it a total success, or an utter failure? Now I'm not saying diets are crap, or that you'll never succeed with any of them. I'm simply addressing the fact that many people diet for years and never change. So is it the diet or the person's habits? This is something you should ask yourself. One of the popular diets now is the low carbohydrate plan. You basically cut a large portion of the carbs out of your daily meals.

Can you cut carbs? This is a bit more difficult than many people assume. Just ask my daughter, who recently attempted a low carbohydrate diet plan. She had it in her mind that bread was the culprit. Bread and pasta were making her fat. Fair enough, I said. So she gave the "low carbohydrate diet" a shot. She managed to cut out breads, pastas and other obvious carbs like rice, crackers and snack foods. Now, I had to ask her, "What about the other carbs?" She gave me a peculiar squint and didn't respond. Apparently she doesn't know that vegetables are high in carbs also. Well, now she does. However, I didn't encourage her to live solely on lean meats and water. We all need vitamins from other foods as well. This includes carbohydrates. And that's why I thing the low carbohydrate diet is a bit lame.

Losing weight is not just about low carbs or low sugar. We have to consider all the things we eat throughout the day. Think portion and nutritional value, as opposed to low carbohydrate. Carbs are fine and offer our bodies a great energy source. Don't disregard their value because of some contemporary trend. Focus on eating in smaller portions. Maybe four small, balanced meals each day would be a better solution. Avoid high fat, sugary and salty foods. Prepare your meals on your own and use organic products. Remember to drink lots of water and avoid fast foods and restaurants. These are keys to shedding pounds and staying healthy. It's not the almighty low carbohydrate diet. Furthermore, be sure you exercise regularly as well.