Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

If there is one thing we all know about our red, white and blue country, it's that we love to eat. Now I don't just mean three proportioned, healthy meals each day. I'm talking about GRUBBING. We Americans eat like there is no tomorrow. We scarf down massive meals and don't pay close attention to the negative aspects. The sad part is that so many of these meals are absolutely loaded with fat, cholesterol, salt and sugar. YUCK! That's what our bodies say anyway. Trust me on this one. Your body doesn't want that stuff, even if your taste buds love it. In the end, we're all stuck with ridiculous diet plans and tough weight loss regimens. And even if we succeed to drop the excess weight we stored up, then we are often left with the aftermath of loose skin. This is not appealing.

Do you watch "Dr. 90210?" This is another one of those reality shows. I know, I know; there are already 6,000,000 of them airing every day. But, this one in particular examines the life of a California plastic surgeon. And WOW is this guy ever CHEESY and ANNOYING. It's like he doesn't even know. Regardless, he's always operating on someone with an image affliction. Maybe it's a girl who wants larger breasts or a man who lost weight and is now stuck with gobs of loose skin. Basically, there are a variety of physical issues he addresses. I watched one episode in particular that had a woman in her 30s, who was afflicted with loads of loose skin around her mid-section. In all honesty, I've never seen anything like this before. It shocked me big time. She pulled off her shirt and loose skin fell everywhere. What would you do if you had lost 100 pounds and your body was stretched out like this? I can definitely see why surgery would be necessary. It's the route I would take if I had loose skin like that. Anyway, the woman had her surgery, and all was well. The Dr. 90210 cut all that loose skin right off.

Image is such a major deal in our society. We all want to look and feel a certain way. When issues such as weight, breast size, physique, and loose skin come into play, we crave modern-day solutions. Fortunately we have them at our disposal.