Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

I don't like dancing! I have probably told my wife this a hundred times, but she never quits. She always wants me to give it another shot; maybe learn a new style of dance, like ballroom or salsa. I guess I can understand her frustration, seeing how she loves to dance. But, I know a lot of you guys out there are with me on this one. Dancing is for the ladies and Kevin Federline. We commonly enjoy other activities. Take martial arts for example. This is something I love, but she doesn't. You certainly won't see her doing it with me. Okay, so we've established some likes and dislikes. So why in the world did my wife send away for a "learn to dance video?" This lady won't give up.

Contrary to popular belief, the infamous learn to dance video does exist. Okay, so it's mostly just infamous to men. Regardless of whether or not you wanted to learn a few dance steps, your wife might toss it in your lap anyway. Recently I've been viewing a learn to dance video that focuses on ballroom dancing. I must say right off the bat that I enjoy the yoga DVD she purchased last year better. This stuff was a bit less complicated and certainly more relaxing. Anyway, the ballroom moves can get a bit tricky inside a living room or kitchen. Yeah, if you've done this before, you probably know exactly what I mean. Can you imagine getting a learn to dance video for swing dancing. WOW, things could get bloody. Suddenly the kitchen table and floor lamp could become weapons. I would have to pass on one of those DVDs.

Ahh, learning to dance. This is clearly not desired by everyone. Although it's not on my top ten things to accomplish in life, I still go through with it. After all, it's for my better half. Now all you men out there know exactly how this goes. So before you dismiss the learn to dance video, and chuck it in the trash can, you'd better consider your wife's happiness. She may hold some resentment toward you if you fail to give her passions a shot. Plus, this will make it easier for you down the line when you want her to try something new. It's all about compromise.