Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Music is a wonderful and powerful catalyst. It's funny how you can introduce some tunes into any situation and change things. Imagine how music affects you when you're enjoying a horror flick. You can always tell when something nasty or frightening is coming. The eerie music builds the tension in your muscles and gets your heart racing. Try viewing the same scene with no sound, and the effect will decrease dramatically. Like I said; music is powerful. One way I like to use music to my advantage is during work-outs. Some jumpy, enthusiastic weight lifting or jogging music can really drive you to work harder and pick up the pace.

We all train differently. This is totally cool as long as our regimens work for us and get the job done. As you probably already know, it's important to stick with your routine. Skipping exercise sessions is not recommended. This can definitely hinder your process. Not that working out regularly is a synch. The truth is it can be irksome and dreadful. It all depends on your mood and how tired you are. After a long day at work, some cardio may not sound so relaxing. However, you can get yourself in the mood. What you require is some sort of stimulator or motivator. What about running or jogging music? This always works for me. Actually it works for my wife and teenage daughter as well. Now, having pointed this out, I should also mention that workout music varies from person to person. We're not all going to listen to the same old jogging music that was recommended on an infomercial. While my wife and daughter prefer dance/pop music when their jogging on their treadmills or doing lunges, I prefer more of a hardcore feel to my tunes. Think Disturbed, White Zombie, or System of the Down. This stuff is excellent if you're pumping some weights or training martial arts. The right tunes can really send a charge through your system. They get us stoked and ready for action. It's funny how they motivate so well.

If you need some high-energy jogging music, feel free to pick some up from any music store. They even make CDs now days especially for this. Or, just download your own tunes and burn them onto a disk. This is what I did. Now I have my own private selection of work-out tunes.