Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

The world is a complicated machine. There are so many parts and factors to consider. I honestly doubt we'll ever see the day when it runs perfectly. Our species is simply far too diverse and close-minded to ever let such a thing happen. Take race for instance. This was, is and always will be a huge issue amongst humans. We must be the only species that cares about the color of skin. This concern clearly derives from fear. Fear of the unknown, as some folks put it. Since none of us know what it's really like to be a different race, many people fear what they don't know/understand. As if there's some secret, unsavory ritual going on. I often wonder if humans will ever move past the issue of interracial relationships and find it within themselves to accept everyone equally. So far things are not looking good.

Do you know of any interracial relationships? Of course you do! Or at least a few in the Hollywood circuit. We see this stuff on TV and in tabloids all the time. But, do you have any friends or acquaintances who are involved in interracial relationships? I know I do. One of my close friends from high school is Asian and his fiance is white. I am also Caucasian, and I can honestly say that this interracial relationship doesn't affect me whatsoever. Why should it? They treat each other well, and I don't wish to date the girl. On the other hand, some folks don't like it. They get odd glares all the time while out in public, as I'm certain many interracial couples do. I'd think by now our society would be past all this, but for some reason they can't be. One thing everyone should do is ask themselves how interracial relationships affect them. If you can come up with something legitimate, I'd be surprised. The truth is it has no bearing on you or your life whatsoever when it comes to strangers and their interracial relationships. Therefore you shouldn't be offended or perturbed.

Ignorance is often the issue where race is concerned. People typically judge things they don't understand. Whether it be choice of music, interracial relationships, or ways of life, it's imperative to learn more before you make judgments. I am addressing all races when I say this, because individuals from all of them do it.