Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

It seems like there's a new mental illness or disorder every time I turn around. CNN or the local news tends to rant on about these issues. Often they make them sound worse than they even are. I remember when the bird flu was first addressed on television. They spoke like we would all be dead by sunrise, yet here we all still are. One mental illness that continually baffles me is schizophrenia. Dear God, please don't ever let me become afflicted with this illness! I must retain my sanity as long as I remain in this physical realm known as life. Sadly, some are not so fortunate. They struggle with issues like schizophrenia each and every day. Can you even imagine living with someone or taking care of someone who had this illness? It's time we all acquired some information on schizophrenia and related afflictions.

For those who don't already know, schizophrenia is an illness that attacks the human mind. It often causes someone to become delusional or think they're in their own little world. This is sometimes referred to as psychosis. That's the basic information on schizophrenia. It's NOT multiple personality disorder! I can't help but notice that these two illnesses are often confused or interchanged as though they're the same. Some individuals afflicted with schizophrenia will obsess over things. They simply can't help it. Now, what can we do to remedy this nasty mental disorder? Well, there are some current methods used in health care facilities. Research is often updated and new additions to past treatments arise. It's basically the same old routine as it is with most mental disorders. There is no miracle cure. Prescription medications are often the link to coping with mental disorders.

Need some updated information on schizophrenia? This is never a problem if you have Internet access. It doesn't take but a moment to Google a medical issue. Try WebMd.com for great answers and feedback regarding and physical or mental problems. Also, if you're interested in more information on schizophrenia, you can ask your family doctor. He/she may certainly have something to add. And lastly, ask what percentage of mental disorders are deemed hereditary or simply linked to diet and poor eating habits over many years time.