Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Are you a napper? You know what this is, right? It's what the guy was accused of on the movie, "Duplex." Remember that one. Ben Stiller's character was trying to write a book, but the old lady upstairs wouldn't let him. Then he began taking naps, because she wouldn't let him sleep at night. Yeah, he turned into a regular napper. Typically when I think of folks who take naps, I assume they're either small children or old. Usually all of us in between don't take don't siestas. If we do, we're either considered lazy or depressed. Then again, what if you're neither of these? Maybe you work hard and couldn't be happier. Hey, I know what the dilemma is. You need to increase stamina levels. Your body just needs more "GO."

My teenage daughter is a perfect example of someone who needs to increase stamina levels. She has no pep. I can definitely tell why. First of all, she doesn't eat right. This is a problem. Check out most Americans. They're spending their lunch hours at Burger King. Not a good plan. High fat foods will not only make you blow up like a balloon, but they will also make you tired as well. This is because your body is not getting the proper nutrients it needs to function. We all require daily vitamins and minerals. When our bodies do not receive them, they shut down. Eating a healthy diet will increase stamina. In addition, exercise will do wonders for your energy levels. Believe it or not, a regular fitness program will not slow you down or wear you out. It will have the complete opposite effect. Try a good cardio regimen to increase stamina levels in your body. You'll be glad you did.

Supplements are always available. Maybe it's time you invested a little money into quality supplements that have been proven to increase stamina. A multivitamin is very basic, yet a wonderful addition to anyone's day. It can certainly help your body get back on the right track to feeling good and living well. Also, I added whey protein shakes to my daily routine, which offers my muscles essential proteins. This is not only to increase stamina, but it's also to repair muscle tissue after workouts. It's time you got back in the game of life. Leave the naps to the elderly and infants.