Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Were you aware that most corporate big-wigs, vice presidents, presidents and CEOs are tall men? Try 6'2" or taller. This is common, but hardly talked about. Now, why in the world do you think this is? Does height really have a bearing on our success? Do people actually respect the tall more than they do the vertically challenged? Uhh, it seems to look that way. Apparently our images play a part in our success regarding a career and just life in general. Who'd have ever thought? Okay, there is clearly some sarcasm dripping off that statement. Now, what about the height/image issue? In this day and age, we definitely have the option of enhancing our image. Whether it be through physical fitness, cosmetics, or plastic surgery, people can alter their looks. However, the height issue is on a different level. No pun intended. Once we've hit a certain age, we can pretty much assume that there will be no increase in height. For most women, this is 16, and for most males it's 18.

It's perfectly understandable for someone to wish for an increase in height. In fact, I've heard a number of people conversing about this issue in the most random of places. It's a topic that will never die. A mere aspect of the beauty issue. Tall is what's considered beautiful in our country, or possibly the entire planet. Now, if you're a female, you can get away with being short and beautiful. Men still go for this, but don't expect any modeling agencies to call you back. But if you're a man, you probably won't be so fortunate. The reality is that most men would prefer an increase in height. I for example, am 6'1" barefoot. Of course when I'm out in public, I'm more like 6'2" because I'm wearing shoes, or maybe even a little taller. Now, I can't complain really. But then again, my little brother is 6'3" barefoot. So why did I get ripped off? We tend to compare ourselves to siblings. You probably compare your height to others as well. It's just human nature.

Chances are, you won't receive an increase in height if you're full-grown. This isn't "Gattaca." However, you can reach your full potential by eating right as a child. Eat as healthy as you can while growing up. Get a well-balanced and nutritious diet, at least until you're 18. This will ensure your maximum growth potential. The rest is in the genetics.