Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Glow Worm

My daughter got a glow worm for Christmas last year, and she won’t sleep with it. I couldn’t understand, as I had one when I was a child and I loved it. I guess it might have been my own nostalgia getting in the way, but I was very excited when she got it, even if she was a little less enthused about it. She’s had it for over a year now and she still doesn’t like it. I might have to give up and give it away to someone else who will want to use it.

The part that I don’t understand is that she loves things that glow in the dark, but she doesn’t like the glow worm. Perhaps it is the eyes. She has a lot of toys that she doesn’t want in her room when she goes to sleep, and the eyes on the glow worm may be what is causing the problem. She likes it enough during the day but the whole point is that it glows and plays soft music when you fall asleep.

The new glow worm is a little different from the one I had when I was a kid, but the same basic things are the same. The tail of the glow worm glows gently. I don’t know if the one I had as a kid slowly faded out or just turned off, but the one my daughter has will slowly fade out. This doesn’t make her like it, though I suspect once she gets over her fear of things that have eyes in a darkened room, she may grow to love it. There really is no age limit on a glow worm, as I think I had mine until I was at least ten years old and my daughter is only four. We’ve got time.

You can find glow worm where you buy baby and kids toys. I think we got ours from Toys R Us but I cannot remember now. I have seen them in a lot of stores that sell toys and I have seen them online. You might get a good deal on one if you shop on eBay, but remember that this might not be something you want to buy used. You might find discounted worms for sale for a good price if you take your time to shop around online. If you need a last minute gift idea for a child, the glow worm might be the perfect idea.