Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

I wonder how many emails I send in a week's time. Probably quite a few. Between work and socializing, I would guess I send around 25. My wife tops me by far; she probably sends close to a hundred. Then there are all those received emails. Again my wife tops me with her occupation. She literally received hundreds each week. Me on the other hand, I would guesstimate around 30 or forty. Now, how many of those are actually emails I want and not spam? Uh, around a third I'd say. That's sad. But I shouldn't complain about spam and junk mail. I'm sure many people have it much worse than that. Where does it all come from and how can we start getting rid of spam as soon as possible?

I hate pop-ups and spam emails. In fact, I actually blame my computer crashing on a piece of junk mail. Well, it was the last thing I looked at prior to the meltdown. Talk about likely suspects. I used to wonder where all the spam mail came from, but not any more. Ponder all the websites you view and products you order. Everyone is passing around your email address. Unfortunately for us, some people want to send us viruses. This is the main reason getting rid of spam or blocking it is co imperative. Luckily there is software available. Some of it is even free of charge. Now is when surfing the web will come in handy. Check out one of the reputable sites that offer free downloads that aid in getting rid of spam. I did this recently and now grapple with so much less junk. I love opening my INBOX every morning to see one or two emails. And they're usually from family or friends. It's great to not have to worry about viruses and junk adds crowding my system.

If you're like me, you don't even want you JUNK MAIL folder to be used. When it comes to getting rid of spam, I don't want to merely filter it; I want it never to reach my hotmail account. I want the JUNK MAIL box to stay empty at all times. Spam blocking software can help you with this process. As for pop-ups, it's already taken care of. Your browser should offer a pop-up/spam blocker while you're surfing the web. This is new technology we all can appreciate.