Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

When was the last time you were embarrassed? I mean really embarrassed; almost to the degree that you wanted to close yourself up inside a shell. Yeah, you get the picture. We've all been there, haven't we? Humiliation is a basic part of life as we know it. Probably on of the most common embarrassments involves farting. Yes, I did just say the F word. If, you'd prefer I used flatulence, it's not a problem. This is that foul odor that disperses from us all, whether we admit it or not. And believe me; there are folks out there who do not admit it. So, what everyone needs is a few good flatulence remedies. These aren't some special supplements only provided to movie stars or federal agents. You can buy them anywhere.

I can recall back in the fifth grade when I let one slip out. Yikes, was that ever a bummer. The entire class was sitting in a circle and it was reading time. We each took turns reading part of a story. However, when it got to me, instead of picking up where the last kid left off, I farted instead. It was loud and pretty much resemble a fog horn. There was no denying it, or passing the buck. I just had to grin and act like it was intentional. In less than a second the class was choked up on laughter. The teacher, however, appeared to be choked up on the smell. He retreated to the hallway for a moment, but played it off like it was nothing. Those are the great teachers, I must say. Anyway, these days I would not let such a thing happen. I would simply resort to flatulence remedies after consuming gassy foods. Beano is a great, and all-natural one. Pop one of these in your mouth after a Mexican dinner and you're good to go. There are other flatulence remedies as well. Check out the vitamin and supplement isle at the drugstore. It's worth the effort.

As an adult it's much worse to pass a loud dose of gas. Some individuals have done this at their place of employment or in a meeting. It's never a pretty sight. Avoid the issue completely with flatulence remedies. These were created for a reason, and it's not for everyone's health. It's to prevent embarrassment!