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5 months ago

Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a classic favorite of everyone! There are many different recipes that use a variety of combinations for the novice and the expert chef. There are lots of substitutions that can be made to deviled eggs, making each recipe tastefully unique. Classic deviled egg recipes contain, mayonnaise, vinegar, paprika, salt, and pepper, and then there are variations containing crab meat, or a cool creamy ranch and cream cheese mixture with onion and pickle. Another tastey recipe uses mayonnaise, green onion, and Dijon mustard. If you’re in the mood for something new, get online and browse a number of sites that feature delicious deviled egg recipes; for instance, www.goodegg.com, www.deviledeggs.com, www.cooks.com, www.cookinglight.com, www.southernfood.com, www.allthatwomenwant.com, or www.perfectentertaining.com all have quick and easy recipes with photos and easy to follow recipes.

There are also quite a few cooking magazines, like Cooking Light magazine that features healthy versions of classic recipe favorites on its website at www.cookinglight.com. This site has beautifully illustrated recipes, cooking tips, and features articles on living a healthy lifestyle. For more healthy recipes visit www.fatfree.com for fat free deviled egg recipes and others great ideas if you want to cut more fat from your diet. Unfortunately if you’re trying to cut your cholesterol, you should limit the number of eggs in your diet. You can use egg substitutes or other healthier versions when you can, but for deviled eggs you need the real thing, which is okay because you won’t be eating them that often anyway. Everything is okay in moderation, right? To most of us, deviled eggs are a treat at picnics, family gatherings, office potlucks

Now that you’re almost finished reading this article, your taste buds should be tantalized and ready for you know what! You should also visit www.hungrymonster.com or www.southernfood.about.com/potatosalads/ for other classic potato salad recipes that everyone will love. No picnic or other summer gathering is ever complete without this must have mouth watering dish. Just picture it now, brown sugar baked beans, coleslaw, deviled eggs, corn on the cob, barbequed chicken, hot dogs, brats, hamburgers, and, yes, your favorite potato salad in the biggest bowl on the table, because it will be gone in no time! Enjoy!