Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Curious George

I remember Curious George from when I was a child, and when the latest movie came out, I was glad to see that he was basically the same as he has always been. Though he isn’t totally the same, I see more of the monkey I remembered when I was a kid than I thought I would. So many older stories are so revamped that you don’t recognize components of it that were important when you were little. I was even glad to see the man with the yellow hat. You have to love a man in yellow!

My daughter loves Curious George as much as I did when I was young. There must be something about silly monkeys that touches the children in all of us. Perhaps kids can relate to Curious George as he explores the world because they are in the same place in their life. They are still exploring, learning, making mistakes, and getting to know how to maneuver though the world. In fact, even adults feel like they are still going through this on some days. They also love the colors and the adventures, and visiting a world that they might not normally get to see or experience.

Though the stories of Curious George from my childhood are a little vague now, I do remember enough to be glad that my daughter has found an interest in him and his stories. There are some childhood things and stories that I perhaps think might be too much for a child, but Curious George has always been just right. There is nothing threatening there, and nothing that might cause nightmares. I figure that she will have enough time in her life to deal with those things later on, and there really is no need for her to worry about them just yet. Though you can’t protect your children from the realities of life forever, nor should you, you can at least delay it for a while.

Along with the new Curious George movie comes the merchandise, of course, but there are also some really great things they are doing. I have noticed that they are putting Curious George stickers on bananas at my local grocery store. When a big name child entertainer, whether it is person or cartoon, can support something that is healthy and good for our children, they have my support. I’d much rather buy my daughter bananas because of George than sugar-laden drinks or fatty foods.