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5 months ago

Cure For Morning Sickness

Many women have to go though the discomfort and inconvenience of morning sickness. For most women, it occurs at the very start of pregnancy and is gone by the fourth month or so. Some unlucky ones have it intermittingly for all nine months. Most find it worse between five and seven weeks. A lot of research has gone into finding a cure for morning sickness. There is nothing to remove the cause but symptoms can be alleviated by natural methods or prescribed treatment.

There are different theories as to the causes but most doctors agree that the major causes include an increase in the level of the hormone, estrogen, and decreased blood sugar and over sensitive response to odors. Sufferers report various triggers that bring the condition on, such as coffee, alcohol, sugary foods and meat. Morning sickness is usually felt just after waking, the stomach being empty, but can occur at any time. The effect can be mild nausea or may result in vomiting. Most levels of sickness are manageable but there are rarer cases where hospital intervention is required. This is because dehydration or even malnutrition could result. It's only in these circumstances that a doctor would look at anti-nausea medication as a cure for morning sickness.

It is always worthwhile trying out natural remedies and every mother has her own tale to tell on what works best. The doctor is always on hand to give safe advice. The legislation for the testing of drugs used in pregnancy was tightened after the Thalidomide tragedy in the UK. This drug was developed as a cure for morning sickness and women in the late 1950s and 1960s were keen to take it as they had been assured that it was safe. Unfortunately, the drug had unforeseen side effects and 10,000 babies were born with abnormalities.

Tried and tested methods include ginger, in the form of ginger tea, capsules, cookies or ginger ale or ginger beer. Some women just cut open a lemon and the fresh smell keeps any nausea away. Others say that eating dry crackers before getting out of bed, settles the stomach for the day ahead. Another cure for morning sickness is to simply avoid having an empty stomach and to eat a few small meals through the day instead of the usual three large ones. It's also a good idea to give into food cravings unless that involves an unhealthy diet. Sometimes, the taking of Vitamin B6 is advised and often in conjunction with Diclectin. Whatever the treatment, the future mother knows her own body best and will act accordingly.