Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

It is a common belief that creativity involves making something that is completely original. However, it is important to recognize that nothing is created from nothing. Creative thinking techniques should embrace the understanding that the process is building on prior knowledge and experience. It is the individual’s interpretation that makes the final product unique.

We can actually hinder our creativity when we put too much pressure on ourselves to be completely original. What makes a project one-of-a-kind is the individual’s perspective. The creator filters thoughts, emotions, images and whatever else he knows or experiences though his psyche. Creative thinking techniques simply help that individual take a different perspective.

Parts of the process of exercising creative thinking techniques that work with perspective involve using your subconscious mind. This is a wonderful place for dreams and unusual thoughts and ideas. This area is also the most difficult to tap on the conscious level. Creative thinking techniques can be used to tap into this new realm of your self that you may not even know existed.

One of my favorite exercises is automatic writing. This creative thinking technique was used by William Butler Yeats during the early part of the 20th century. This master of poetic verse used this as his primary approach to writing. This is one of the creative thinking strategies that has led to many revelations and amazing poetry.

William Butler Yeats used to sit with pen and paper. He would simply put the pen to the paper and start moving his hands. Automatic writing is commonly associated with the occult but his approach was more about tapping into the subconscious. Basically, these creative thinking techniques require you to stop thinking and just write.

You are not to worry about spelling, grammar and anything to do with rules and regulations. Worrying about sounding silly will hinder the creative process. Just let the words come as they do. You may find that you wind up with nothing but scribbles but that is perfectly fine as well.

Other creative thinking techniques involve the visual arts. Drawing is more about seeing than it is putting pencil to paper. Developing an interesting perspective will help you make a unique visual composition. There are many ways to find perspective.

I like to turn a drawing upside down to see it with new eyes. Another creative thinking technique that involves perspective is to move furniture or simply look at a space used for creativity from a different angle. You may find the new way of looking at things to be the path to your creativity.