Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Computer software can be significantly helpful if your work on a PC or Mac all day. Of course, chances are it's a PC, since that's all I typically encounter out there in the corporate world. Bill Gates is certainly running the show with his Microsoft software. It's safe to say that it's on virtually every computer around now days. Even we Mac users have Windows XP and other applications to take advantage of now. I for one, typically use Microsoft Word on a daily basis. I often need to write articles and essays for work. Furthermore, it's not uncommon for me to have to create pdf files. This a simple way to present resumes, documents, brochures, books, and even short stories to others.

Do you write at all? Computers are awesome when it comes to writing. I began screenwriting a couple years back. I got into this field when acquiring my film minor in college. I couldn't help but be intrigued. Films are incredible and offer oodles of escapism. This is why I had to start writing them. At that point, I never knew I would need to create pdf files of my scripts. These days there are screenwriting programs known as Final Draft, Movie Magic and Sophocles. These phenomenal software programs do it all. In fact, if you intend to screen write, you will want to purchase a nice one. Final draft 7 is what I use, and it's outstanding. Don't attempt to write a script on Microsoft Word. Once you begin to market it, professionals will ditch it simply due to the lack of proper format. This can hurt you in the long run. Anyway, back to the reason I had to create pdf files. It's simple really. Some production companies prefer this. It's typical when they request a copy of your script electronically. They very well may ask you to email them a PDF attachment. Now, don't fret over the process of converting the text. This is so easy. Even on my Final Draft program, I can choose to save my script as a PDF file as well. There is no work involved. These days I save all my scripts in Final Draft and PDF format. It just makes sense.

If you create pdf files of your work, it offers you and others the advantage of viewing documents with little effort. The drawer that pops out makes it simple to select a particular page. Furthermore, the format remains the same, regardless of whom you send it to.