Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Not everyone enjoys a morning cup of Joe. Some folks actually despise the taste of a latte or cup of drip blend. My brother is one of these anomalies. He can't even stand the smell of freshly ground espresso. He claims it makes him queasy. Fair enough. Not everyone on the entire planet is going to love java. There will be a few who need a coffee alternative. Lucky for them there are plenty of these beverages to choose from as well. Do you currently have a favorite? Hey, even if you like coffee, I might convince you that it's best to go easy on the caffeine. Some things are to be enjoyed sparingly.

So I was in Starbuck's one day with my brother. He is the one member of my family who hates coffee. Now, you may be wondering why we were in here then. It's simple; I was craving an iced latte, and he was looking for a coffee alternative. I suggested to him a chai iced latte. I've always thought these were quite tasty and an ideal coffee alternative. He looked tentative and then declined, saying that he had tried the spiced tea before and it wasn't really his thing. This is when I started an addiction. I pointed to the fairly new green tea berry frappuccino. He nodded his head and said he'd try it. Well he loved the coffee alternative. In fact, now he's hitting up Starbuck's on a daily basis to get it. Uh oh, I think I started a new habit. Regardless, this just goes to prove that you don't have to like coffee these days. Franchise coffee shops are certainly offering coffee alternatives. And this is the way it should be. Even if everyone enjoyed lattes and mocha frappuccinos, it doesn't mean they should always drink them. Coffee is not healthy. Some will try and convince you that it increases brain power and other jargon, but it's wishful thinking. Coffee is loaded with toxins and caffeine. These are components that none of us need.

The next time you're craving a latte or espresso shot, you may want to consider a coffee alternative. The truth is we all drink too much of the caffeinated stuff. It pulls water from our bodies and affects our brains. Humans need hydrating! Maybe a glass of water should be a coffee alternative.