Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Life is so much different now days. Or, does it just appear this way. The reason I say this concerns children. What is going on with our little tykes and teens? Often it seems like they have no imagination left. Were they not granted one at birth? Well of course they were. I think many of them are just stashing it somewhere in their heads, because its purpose has become obsolete. It's all the entertainment they have at their fingertips. It's so busy doing all the thinking and imagining for them that theirs nothing left. This is not a good thing, nor should it be condoned. There are "old-school" child activities that are much more productive and fun. Are you letting your children become slaves of technology?

I always encourage my daughter to play outdoors. She's seven years old now, and I've done this since she was tiny. It's great for her and there are endless child activities to take advantage of. As a parent, you should get in there with them. Teach your child new things and show them how you used to have a great time without video games and non-stop television. It's your duty and obligation. All it takes is a little reminiscing. I still enjoy many activities I loved as a child and teenager. My father taught me how to shoot a bow, build a campfire, throw tomahawks, and go canoeing. As you can see, I grew up in the country. I carry some of this over into my parenting. My daughter was more than excited when I taught her how to shoot a bow and build a decent fire. She enjoys playing horse shoes as I did when I was her age. These are simple child activities that I have the power to teach her. Trust me; it's not difficult to get your little ones excited about things when they're young. Mostly what they crave is time with you. Take advantage of this and devote some free time each day or week to your child's fun. They will always remember it.

The list of child activities is endless. It really just depends on what you love, understand and have the ability to teach. Pass on a part of yourself to your children. Outdoor child activities are ideal for healthy bodies and minds. Give your kid his/her imagination back. All it requires is a little effort.