Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

What's the deal with celebrities? Wait a minute! I'll give you the spiel. First of all, they make far too much money. Come on already; do they really work hard enough to make 10-20 million a picture? Please! Second of all, they spend all their free time pampering themselves with ridiculous spa treatments that cost more than your home. Do you realize what that kind of cash could do for the needy? I would feel bad spending a grand on lunch, but somehow it doesn't bother J Lo. And then to top it all off, fans worship them. Worship them for doing what? Did I miss something here? Do celebrities save innocent people or fight in wars? Not that I'm aware of. Most of them just sit around in their luxurious settings, griping about conservatives. And yet, what do you know; people still want to be like them. Well, if you're really down for the financial challenge, you can try to keep your self up like them with celebrity skin care products and a number of other spa treatments.

Much of our grooming comes down to what we're willing to spend. This applies to time and money. How much effort are you willing to devote to making yourself look nice each day? The truth is you can spend as much as you're able to. The prices go up and up. Ever heard of the Golden Gate Spa? This is a fancy one. But, when it comes to celebrity skin care and pampering, the stars go all out. Personally I can only take this to a basic level. Since I'm a man it consists of fine shaving products, some hair wax, and a moisturizer from Jack Black. How's that for celebrity skin care? Uh, it's probably not up to par. I watched a special VH1 program on celebrity skin care and pampering, and it almost made me hurl. J Lo is one of the most ridiculous. She apparently purchases some sort of special moisturizer that's produced according to the lunar cycle. It costs thousands, and she smears the stuff all over her entire body. Give us all a break J Lo. This is absurd.

There are products online that are advertised as those used by celebrities. One thing you can always count on about celebrity skin care is that it's pricey. So don't be shocked if you have to fork out the big bucks to have a complexion like J Lo's or legs like Fergi's.