Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Car Navigation Systems

I drive a lot, and I get lost a lot. Unlike my husband, however, I’m not afraid to look at a map or ask for help. There’s got to be a better way though, because even when I print out directions from an online site I get lost and confused. Why do people give two completely different roads the same name? Is it a universal joke on outsiders? All I know is that this year, I might be asking Santa to get me one of those nifty car navigation systems I have seen advertised on television.

I think it was finally decided that I am no good at directions when my friend and I looped around Washington DC twice on the way from Virginia to New York State. I didn’t mean to do it, and I wasn’t driving, but I was reading the directions. Some how I missed the exit and the driver didn’t know the difference. After a while it seemed that we had been on the road for too long, and the signs were beginning to look familiar. Had we had one of the car navigation systems, we would have known we were past our exit a lot earlier than we did.

The only reason I don’t have one of the new car navigation systems is the price. They are on the high end and a little out of my budget. My friend is dating a guy who works in a store that sells car navigation systems. He told me he could get a discount, but when I told him my price range, he said that they didn’t sell anything in that range, but there are some models out there I might be able to afford.

My search for car navigation systems hasn’t gone too far, though I suspect I need to get on it very soon. I can’t keep getting lost like that, and I certainly don’t like to not know where I am when it is just me and my four year old daughter. I once got lost in one of the worst neighborhoods in Philadelphia. I wouldn’t have been scared except everyone there was telling me to get back on the highway. That’s enough to make anyone run out and get car navigation systems for their vehicles, isn’t it? I got out of there OK and with no problems, but it made me realize that getting out of the car for directions isn’t always the best move, especially with young children.