Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

We're all aware of the fact that we've got to watch our fat and cholesterol intake. No one wants a weight problem or heart problems. Making one simple and delicious change in your choice of meat can make a significant contribution to your good health. Many of us love beef, but the fat content is so high, you feel the need to cut back if you want to stay healthy. A wonderful alternative to beef is found in buffalo meat.

Buffalo meat contains 30% more protein than beef, with only 3-4% of fat! There is a guilt free way to enjoy a big roast!

Buffalo meat tastes similar to beef, but has more flavor. This meat has a texture much like beef and does not taste “gamey”. The fact that it is so lean requires special preparation techniques to turn out a tender juicy piece of buffalo meat.

If you're using ground buffalo to grill up some burgers, here are some tips on turning out a mouthwatering burger.

Mix some chopped olives in with your meat, before making your patties. The oil from the olives adds enough fat to really bring out the flavor of the buffalo meat. Incidentally, olive oil contains no cholesterol, a welcome bonus.

Tarragon is known by cooks to be a difficult seasoning to use. As culinary seasoning, it's generally not suited to mixing with other seasonings and is suited to a few types of foods. However, God must have made tarragon just for buffalo – and seafood. Whatever cut of buffalo meat you're preparing, season it with tarragon and perhaps a little crushed garlic and you'll have a tasty meal.

The lack of fat requires that roasts be cooked slowly, braised or in a crock pot, to achieve a tender piece of meat. The crock pot is the perfect appliance for a buffalo meat roast. Pot roast in one swoop. Just pile in your vegetables with a little broth and place your roast on top. You walk away, and several hours later, dinners ready to serve. You may want some gravy to reward yourself for your new healthful choice. Just kidding – or maybe not.

Marinating your buffalo meat for 24 hours in a sealable plastic bag will only improve on the tenderness. Marinades also allow added flavor and a more complex taste in the finished dish.

If you don't care for the standard meat tenderizer powders because of their MSG content, here's an alternative. Look in that section of the seasoning aisle for ones containing papain as the tenderizing agent. Papain comes from the papaya leaf. Papaya leaves were used in many cultures for hundreds of years, to dress a piece of meat for cooking. It works remarkably well.

If you've never tasted buffalo meat, give it a try. Some of the more “upscale” grocery stores now carry buffalo meat, as well as natural food markets. You may enjoy it so much, you'll make a switch that will improve your diet too!