Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

There was once a time known as the "good-old days." In all honesty, I can't tell you when this era took place. My grandfather has talked about them. My father has rambled on about how great they were. However, I still can't determine and actual time line. Apparently they were prior to my birth. So let's go with everything up until 1975. That should do it. Now, regardless of the "good-old days," which took place long ago in a land far away, I can comment on a past tradition, that's somewhat insignificant now. I am talking about the books library. That local grand building that sits in your town. It's utterly loaded with books and oodles of knowledge, but sadly it's deemed unnecessary to many. I won't lie. I'm sort of on that bandwagon. You see, most of us young folk go with the computer wave. In fact, many of the older people are doing this as well. It's just so convenient.

Not once in college did I use the campus books library. Now, don't get all excited here, and start making assumptions about my GPA. I actually did alright, and almost made honors. The funny and baffling part about it is that I was an English major. Now, how in the world does an English major get through a four-year University degree without resorting to the books library? It was a challenge at times, I'll admit. But, whether many people know it or not, there is almost everything in cyberspace these days. Even much of the historical text you would have once only found in a books library. Trust me on this one! There are some awesome websites and virtual books libraries online that offer free data to all. Then there are a few you'll need passwords for. These can be attained if you're a student at a University. Pretty cool stuff, huh? I can't tell you how many times I referred to online books.

The virtual aspect is definitely something you have to get used to. My mother simply cannot. She is all for the local traditional books library. It's all she ever knew, and all she cares to know. This is fine as well. You may run into a few subjects or specific text books that you can't find on the web. Although I didn't have this problem, it all depends on what you're researching.