Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

My girlfriend has commented that I am one of the fussiest sleepers that she has ever met. I can hardly blame her for saying this. I keep her up all night with the tossing and turning. I wake up at the first sign of sunrise. We go to sleep later than I used to when I was on my own, so I get less and less sleep these days. I have tried several kinds of curtains, but none of them would work. I tried sleeping with a sleep mask on, but I would always knock it off in the middle of the night. Until I made some really good black out curtains, my sleep habits were making us miserable.!

You see, most black out curtains are misnamed. For some people, they work fine. Blackout curtains do black out at least half of the light. They are made of thick vinyl, so little light can penetrate. Even still, more of it gets in than should. You would think with technology the way that it is, and with the rate of sleep disorders in our society, someone would come out with a decent design for a blackout curtain. Up to this day, however, a good set of black out curtains is hard to find.

I used to get around the problem with a simple homemade solution. It didn't look that good, but it worked. You see, in lieu of blackout curtains, I would hang a blanket in front of the window. I would pin it there with small nails or thumbtacks. I have never been a big fresh air person, so the fact that I completely blocked any possibility of ventilation did not bother me. When I really needed to get some air in the room, I would just prop up the black out curtains with another nail.

Unfortunately, this idea didn't work for my girlfriend. You see, she is much more of a homemaker than me. She expects to have real curtains in the room. Since I could not find black out curtains that were dark enough for me, for a while we fought about it. Finally, she made me some curtains. They blocked out the light perfectly. She is an expert seamstress, so her homemade black out curtains were of the highest quality. Now we are both happy. I can tell you, our relationship has really benefited from the change!