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5 months ago

When you think of the Star of Bethlehem flower, you may be reminded of the Gospel of Matthew and the story of the Star of Bethlehem guiding the Wise Men to Jesus' place of birth. If you're the gardening type, you may think of the beautiful star-shaped flowers filling a meadow on a sunny Spring day. Few people think of the precious essence of the Star of Bethlehem flower, developed by the revolutionary Dr. Edward Bach in 1930's England.

Dr. Bach developed 38 essences of plants and flowers which he found to be healing to the spirit, with resulting beneficial effects to disease conditions. Dr. Bach sought natural cures based on affecting the emotions and psyche in such a way that physical disease conditions were corrected at the root, which he maintained lay in the emotional health of the mind.

In all, he developed 38 flower essences, alone and in combination. His most famous essence, Rescue Remedy contains Star of Bethlehem flower as the main ingredient and is relied on by millions of people around the world to this day. Star of Bethlehem is also available as a single essence.

Star of Bethlehem essence is said to relieve the impact of traumatic experiences, whether physical, emotional or spiritual in nature.

Dr. Bach's research demonstrated its effectiveness on traumatic events, whether experienced long ago in childhood or in the present.
Dr. Bach found that the essence of Star of Bethlehem flower neutralized what he termed “energetic trauma”, including shock, severe fright, hysteria and anxiety.

There are many anecdotal cases where astonishing results have been achieved using Dr. Bach's Star of Bethlehem essence. One startling case was that of a Vietnam veteran who had been badly injured twenty years previously. In a wartime explosion, a large portion of his torso had been destroyed, with badly scarred, painful skin and very limited movement possible in the area of injury.

He was treated with the essence of Star of Bethlehem flower, applied directly to the skin. Over time, the vets scars diminished, the pain resolved and he finally gained full motion of his torso. It's hard to argue with results like that.

Practitioners of Bach Flower Remedies use the Star of Bethlehem flower essence in more common situations to good effect. Star of Bethlehem is useful in cases where you have experienced the loss of your job, the passing of a loved one, divorce, situations of substance abuse, introversion of a psychosomatic nature, nervous disorders, insomnia and other stressful events.

Although there are always skeptics, if you suffer any of these events, you owe it to yourself to look into the possibilities this natural remedy offers. It could prove to you that the Star of Bethlehem is more than a long-lasting cut flower.