Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

I can't even fathom what I'd do or where I would be without my trusty computer. It's amazing how much we currently rely on these. I can only imagine that it's just going to get worse. We even by them in the most compact of forms, so that we can tote them along with us, where ever we may go. It's bizarre if you think about it. Just ten years ago I didn't even use a computer for anything. Now I'm searching for the coolest screensavers and background images to put on my Mac notebook. After all, we might as well make these nifty machines as cool and unique as we possibly can. That's what makes them ours.

Who has tried Myspace.com? Ah ha, probably half the human beings on this planet. People of all ages go nuts over this contemporary way to communicate. I have to say though, from what my 18 year old daughter tells me, a huge portion of these folks are teens. High schoolers who are board and veging out in their bedrooms. Not surprising at all if you ask me. When I viewed her Myspace, I was amazed at the time and effort she put into background images. It's almost absurd. I asked her and she told me that she's forever updating hers and making it more unique and revealing of her personality. If you've never seen some of the recent background images on Myspace accounts, you're in for a treat, or maybe even a shock. i have seen a few gross ones as well. What in the world are people thinking when they dredge up some of this stuff? Furthermore, why are some of these background images even available? Okay, that's a hoot and a half. What isn't available on the web now days?

Have a blast with contemporary, old fashioned, surreal, exotic, natural, and cinema related background images all you want. Find the coolest celebrity pics, or maybe the most phenomenal storm shots. Personally I like to use the most beautiful night photos of cities on my Mac. Pretty much all of these background images are free if you search in the right places. In fact, I would even specify "free" in your search phrase for background images. Pinpoint those crazy ones that no one you know has already at the office. It's fun to play with technology!